Simple LAN Chatrooms

LocalChattr Mac
  • Unlimited Communication

    Welcome to LocalChattr: the Mac App Store's first solution for simple, unlimited communication over a local area network.

  • Instant Access

    Set up a chat room on your local network for everyone to access instantly and anywhere with the click of a button, even on Wi-Fi networks that normally charge for Internet access!

  • "All you need is a WiFi network you can all access, and one copy of the app. It's a simple as that!"-Mac App Store User

  • Many Uses

    On a cruise ship with exorbitant wireless access fees, when all you need is a way to stay in touch with your family or friends? On a plane and don't want to pay the insane Internet rates to stay in touch with others on different parts of the plane? Simply launch LocalChattr, click "Start Server", and you're set!

  • Fully Featured

    You get access to a fully-featured chatroom hosted on the your own computer, meaning anyone on the same network can join and send messages without paying a dime, since you don't actually need Internet connectivity.

  • "Enjoyed using LocalChattr while on a cruise with the extended family, allowing us to communicate cross—ship without paying the alarningly high Internet fees!" -Mac App Store User